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The FeltingArt Academy Story

How We Got Here

As we met our clientele at events, shows, and open studio tours, we found there was a lot of desire for people to have a hands-on experience of wet felting. Although it is an ancient form of textile making, few Americans had any practical exposure to it. As a result, we began to offer workshops teaching people how to make items for themselves. This created more demand, and now we have a regularly scheduled program to satisfy the growing family of fledgling felters.

Nuno Felting Scarf art class graduates


At FeltingArt Academy, we understand the importance of support in an artist’s life. Our community serves as an educational branch and support system for all artists who visit our Art Classes by being a special place where their creative juices can flow freely. We’re dedicated to our artists, and we provide them with the appropriate training and tools they need to succeed. It’s our mission to ensure that the arts remain strong, and to offer classes to students of all levels - introducing newcomers to art and creativity, and refining the techniques of even the most veteran artists.

Wool finbers and exotice fibers used n our classes


We believe every potential artist needs a thorough understanding of the medium, its history and its varied techniques. We will be offering classes by award winning felting artists and plan to have guest artist events in the future to further develop the growing community of wet felters and nuno-felters.


All of our classes are hands-on workshops. In virtually all of them, you will be creating an item as a wearable accessory, or "frame-worthy" piece of original artwork. Be aware that felting is a physically demanding process that requires standing and using your body weight to compress and roll the fibers hundreds or as much as two thousand times to get your desired effect.

FeltingArt 11447.jpg


Learn about the evolution of the ancient technique of wet felting and its evolution from ancient craft to fine art. Learn about how to use fibers to manage shrinkage, and how what fibers do in conjunction with each other. Learn advanced techniques like resists and how to achieve various textures.



Nuno-felting is a modern iteration of wet felting. It incorporates the selective use of wool and its shrinking qualities to shape and control woven silk. Although this techniques is often used for clothing, it can also create unique fine art and functional public art.


Newberg, OR 97132 USA


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